The name TASCA has been synonymous with Ford High Performance for over 50 years.  Tasca Ford was the birthplace of some of the most iconic Ford performance vehicles in history including the Cobra Jet, Thunderbolt, Tasca Street Boss, and the Mystery race cars.  Bob Tasca, Sr. worked closely with other icons such as Henry Ford II and Carroll Shelby to bring Ford to the forefront of performance during the golden era 60’s and 70’s.  The Tasca Racing team competed successfully for over a decade on the NHRA circuit winning the prestigious Winter Nationals in Pomona, California and the Super Stock Nationals in 1965 with Hall of Fame driver Bill Lawton.

The Tasca performance heritage continues today with the second and third generations of the family.  Carl Tasca, Sr. drives the fastest Ford Cobra Jet in the world.  Bob Tasca III pilots a 300 mph 10,000 horsepower NHRA Nitro Funny Car.  The Tasca Mod Shop remains on the cutting edge of performance development.  When it comes to Ford high performance, YOU WILL BE SATISFIED!!!